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This photographic project documents the urban renewal and social upheaval in the last years of the property bubble in Barcelona. It was carried out using a pinhole camera and the double exposure technique.


Sant Poltraït

The sense of belonging to a community can contribute positively to identity or be a reason for discrimination. These are my neighbours: some were born here, others were not. My portraits aim to bring them all together – along with me, if I can be included – in a light-hearted, affectionate view.


Travel & Photojournalism



This is an indigenous community of the Ecuadorian high plateau from which the men have emigrated, leaving the women and children with no way to enter the almost non-existent job market.

LLAMA is a self-managed project to repopulate the area with this animal and thus promote a small industry for the community’s women.



The Upper Amazon is the land of the Shuar; a people cloaked in myth due to their custom of shrinking the heads of their most powerful enemies. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Shuar were contacted by missionaries and after a hundred years of debasement little is left of their ancestral culture. Only the ruggedness and inaccessibility of the terrain have preserved a small part of their legacy, perhaps only until this last generation.



Despite five hundred years of coexistence, gypsies are the ethnic group that is least tolerated by most of the non-gypsy Spanish population. Gypsies are considered good for certain uses, for songs, poems and souvenir symbols, but not as neighbours.



Havana is a city built on ingenuity and sustained by fear and anger, but also by collective determination, forged in the hearts and stomachs of all its inhabitants.



In a country that is brimming with art and beauty, where the museums could do away with their walls or put their doors on the entrance to the underground, comparisons are odious.

Milan is a city behind closed doors; we need to train our eyes to discover it for what it is.



Just 14.4 km separate two continents and two parallel universes. A trip to Morocco is a journey in time, in which it becomes a silent companion rather than a tool.


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